Children and young people with long-term medical conditions and disabilities must move from children’s services to adult services at a certain age.

The prospect and reality of moving away from a team of doctors, nurses and therapists they have known for many years can be a challenge for the child and for people around them.

However, if they are involved in planning for their transition from an early stage it can be made easier and less stressful. The Transition Game is designed to help start this planning process for children aged between 11 and 13 years.

What is the Bridge Game?

It is an online educational game that is fun but with serious objective. It is played by up to 4 teams or individuals and it encourages the players to discuss and explore key aspects of transition. The game works through a web browser and can be played on any device. A typical game takes between 15 and 30 minutes but you can decide how long you play.

The game presents important information about transition in a way that is easy to understand and remember so that players can develop an accurate 'big picture' of what will happen during transition. It also offers simple practical solutions in a way that is persuasive enough to encourage the child and those around them to begin preparing for the transition.

Who created the game?

The Bridge Game was created by:

  • Neil Fletcher, Roald Dahl Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Focus Games, the leading experts in game-based learning in healthcare.
  • Development of the game was funded by Barts Charity.

Neil Fletcher is the Roald Dahl Clinical Nurse Specialist for teenagers and young adults at Barts Health NHS Trust in London.

Neil is an adult and children's nurse and has an interest in young people's health and their experiences of health care. Neil advises clinical teams about the transition pathways for young people and young adults who are living with long term health conditions.

Young people tell us that “there is more to me than my condition“ and I came up with the idea of developing a board game to support young people and their families and carers at the beginning of their transition journey.

Price of a physical game:
£60.00 plus VAT and P&P

Price of a single digital annual licence:
£30.00 plus VAT

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